Keeping your home safe while vacationing

Of course, all the doors and windows should be locked, including upper story windows, garage doors and sheds. Although, it’s also recommended to keep some blind partially open when you leave because seeing a house that is ‘closed’ tips off burglars that it’s vacant.

Hire a yard maintenance company or ask your neighbour to mow your lawn. Also, have mail and newspaper deliveries stopped or have them picked up by a neighbour, and try to either have your car or your neighbour’s car parked in your driveway. If your neighbour seems willing to help, ask them to check on your home and have them report any suspicions to the police.


Use timers or internet-controlled switches to turn lights, both interior and exterior, on and off.

Collect all hidden spare keys from around the exterior of your home. If you have an alarm, alert your monitoring company that you are away and make sure your contact information is accurate.

The RCMP says you should never broadcast your vacation on Facebook or Twitter, even if you think that it’s only your friends viewing your online profile.