Killbillies hammer Grimshaw in home opener

Killbillies coach Ashley Large says he wouldn’t change a thing about how his team played in the game.

“We played exactly how we wanted to play. We performed exactly how we’ve been practicing,” he states. “We came into this game knowing we’re the far more experienced team but Grimshaw played awesome. They put up a lot of fight and had a lot of really good jams but we executed a plan almost perfectly.”


He adds that roster turnover from last year has led to a change in philosophy during games and the team now lets the jammer do a bulk of the work on their own.

“We’ve changed a few small things. We’ve had some skaters leave and some skaters join which has changed our dynamic a little bit but the biggest thing is that we’ve been focusing on letting our jammers do the work themselves and use the time to take care of their jammer,” he explains. “The times in the game they did that to us we struggled but we do that consistently; we stick all four girls on their jammer and it really gives our jammer time to work. Our jammers train really hard and their very fit people. They’re on their own out there a bit. They’ve got to go out there and kick butt and they did.”

Next for the Killbillies is a game in two weeks as they’ll be in St. Albert to take on the Beelzebubs. Their next home date is on July 12 as the Killbillies face the Dirty Harriets who are based out of Edmonton.