Politicians face off in Northern Gateway debate

In a nationwide newspaper ad, numerous high-profile former federal Conservatives and Liberals add their names to the Enbridge assertion that the pipeline can “become the catalyst for new and better standards” for industry.

Former Liberal cabinet minister and Newfoundland Premier, Brian Tobin has put forward some thoughts for B.C.


He says such projects aren’t easy but they’re important to the country’s future prosperity and notes the critics were offering similar concerns about what is now Newfoundland’s highly successful and beneficial offshore oil industry.

However B.C. opposition leader, New Democrat John Horgan says the provincial government should listen to British Columbians, not eastern politicians and investment bankers.

He argues they aren’t being asked to put their environment, communities, and economy at risk for what he claims is next-to-no benefit.

The federal cabinet has until Tuesday to announce its final decision on the project.