Residents will soon see new sidewalks and streetlights around the city.

The projects are being implemented on 112 Avenue from 89A Street to 93 Street, 115 Avenue from 89A Street to 93 Street, 86 Street from 89 Avenue to 100 Avenue, and 93 Street from 96 Avenue to 110 Avenue.

The project on 112 Avenue will not be completed within the budget because of the large number of concrete driveways needed to be tied into the sidewalk.


“This tender is over budget, staff will have to reduce the scope of the project to keep the total amount within budget,” the agenda reads. “…Reducing optional work and keeping the limits of construction tight will help keep the overall tendered work within budget, but the tendered price for the 112 Avenue sidewalk project is currently over budget and can not be completed for the budgeted amount of $150,000.”

However, council agreed that any additional funds required will be allocated from the Fair Share Reserve Fund.

These projects have already been approved in the 2014 Capital Budget.

There will be on-site meetings prior to the start of construction with each directly affected resident.

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