Some legal reminders for boat enthusiasts

There goal was checking to ensure that the required safety materials were on board, which are the following.

  • One life jacket for every person on the boat
  • A paddle
  • Water tight flashlight
  • A bailing device such as a bucket
  • Minimum 15 feet of buoyant rope
  • A sound device such as a whistle or bell

Those found in violation were educated and advised that tickets can be issued for each missing item.


In addition, the RCMP was enforcing the Liquor Control Licencing Act by ticketing those with open liquor on board of their boats.

Open liquor is not permitted on motorised vessels and operating a boat while impaired is a criminal offence under the Criminal Code of Canada.

One man was found operating a boat while impaired and was removed from Charlie Lake.

“Some boaters are not aware of this fact while others, unfortunately, simply choose to ignore it,” the press release reads. “Being in control of a boat is like being in control of a car, you have to be responsible.”

You can be charged if a police officer believes your ability to operate a vessel has been impaired by alcohol or drugs.