Some medical health officers disapprove of industry fracking

One of whom is Dr. Charl Badenhorst, the Northeast B.C. regional medical health officer, and the other is the chief medical health officer for New Brunswick, Dr. Eilish Clearly.

Both believe the impacts on public health were not adequately considered prior to the green light being given for shale gas industry development, in their respective jurisdictions.


Both also poked holes in the common assertion by proponents from the oil and gas industry and some government that economic growth will improve social issues in development areas, with Dr. Baderhorst noting economic growth doesn’t always address poverty.

Dr. Baderhorst said here in Northeast BC, he’s noticed more emergency room visits, as family doctors are unable to cope with the influx of people and an industry associated with high accident rates.

“The quick gains in cash will not balance out the long-term effects,” Dr. Badenhorst is quoted by the Whitehorse Daily Star.

The third presenter before the committee of MLA’S was the Yukon’s own chief medical health officer, Dr. Brendan Hanley. While Dr. Hanley stopped short of calling for a development ban, he did urge his government to take a slow well-planned approach, if it decides to allow hydraulic fracturing to place.

When asked by a member of the public whether they were for or against fracking, none of the trio offered support.