Students and teachers fed up with lack of progress at negotiation table

Tomorrow is a job action off day for the teachers, but there are still likely to be thousands of students not attending classes.

A Surrey District student organizer says they’re simply fed up with the lack of progress in contract talks, which are scheduled to resume today without any indication either side is ready to adjust its terms for a settlement.


The repercussions of the partial strike-partial lockout continue to grow and parents are being warned that shorter report cards with less teacher performance assessment could be a reality again at the end of the school year.

“If we look to the past, for the elementary report cards at least, the comments were not there, or not typically what they would be as far as the descriptions,” Surrey District spokesman, Doug Strachan said. “That may be one of the changes we see this year but we’ll know better once we get closer.”

Meantime, even if the student protest goes forward tomorrow, it’s anticipated the provincial Labor Relations Board will take center stage.

The board is expected to deliver a ruling on the BCTF challenge of portions of partial lockout, including the government’s controversial decision to cut teacher’s pay by 10 per cent.

On Thursday, the teacher’s job action is scheduled to resume, with the Peace River North School District being on that list.