The needs of Fort St. John being discussed at provincial physician convention

The convention saw Mayor Lori Ackerman shaking hands with rural physicians and explaining the opportunities available for professional development in our city.

Ackerman says between our new hospital, lack of doctors per patient and the opportunities for spouses and children, Fort St. John is shaping up to be a viable option for physicians looking to set up practices in a new community.


“Fort St. John is definitely on everyone’s map when it comes to this need for physicians in our community,” Ackerman said. “There were several innovative thoughts brought forward… both short term and long term, and it’s actually very exciting. New technology has really increased the opportunity for us to look at a variety of things.”

Doctors being brought into FSJ used to be reliant on the ability to recruit physicians from South Africa, but after they changed their curriculum, the International Medical Graduate Program no longer recognize South Africa as a suitable alternative.

In the mean time, the city is looking to recruit other physicians and provide health care services for the sick, as telemedicine becomes a significant tool in addressing this concern.

“We will continue to run a parallel process here by looking at short term fixes, which would be the unattached patient clinic in Fort St. John, as well as long term by recruiting physicians into the community,” added Ackerman.