TransCanada to proceed with $1.9 billion Merrick Mainline Pipeline Project

The Merrick Mainline Pipeline runs through Summit Lake, where Chevron and Apache’s Pacific Trail begins and will deliver approximately 1.9 billion cubic feet of gas through the coast, where it’s converted into LNG at the final stop.

The project is expected to be running by 2020 and is part of TransCanada’s $38 billion pan to secure commercial expansion, expected to be completed by the end of the decade.


“The Merrick Mainline Pipeline Project will be designed, constructed and operated utilizing TransCanada’s extensive experience in developing safe and reliable energy infrastructure,” TransCanada president and chief executive officer, Russ Girling said. “We now have four major natural gas pipeline projects under development in the region totalling $12.6 billion in investment, and we are committed to ensuring they are all built responsibly and with minimal environmental impact.”

The Merrick project is in its early stages of development, but will only go ahead if Chevron and Apache move forward with their LNG project in Kitimat, and if it gets the green light from regulators.

TransCanada expects to file an application to the National Energy Board late this year.