Two Inconnu Swim Club members receive post-secondary scholarships

Kellee Lekavy is in her second year with the Inconnu Swim Club and swims in the 50 and 100 sprint freestyle. She says she was offered nearly a full scholarship after a recruiting trip to South Dakota.

“My family hired a recruiter and they sent out an email to all the schools in the States and then the ones that are interested email you back,” she explains. “I got quite a few and then I got to narrow it down and talk to the coaches. South Dakota offered me a trip down there that was paid for so I visited and really liked the school and the coaches are fun. We went back and talked and then they offered me about a 90 per cent scholarship and that’s before any money I get here.” 


Kelsey Ginter meanwhile competes in the 50 metre breaststroke and earned herself a partial scholarship to the University of Alberta. Her scholarship has the potential to increase as her swim times improve.

“It’s only a partial scholarship because I only have the qualifying time which is the senior national time. As I improve my times it will get higher and has the potential to be a full scholarship,” she states. “I went to the school for a recruitment trip and he talked to me about what it would be like there and it was pretty awesome. I was sent a package before I went to visit that had information on all the scholarships.” 

Ginter will be looking to obtain her Bachelor of Science in nursing. She’ll be training twice a day with the swim team and will be taking her courses for five years.