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Dawson Creek’s Cops for Cancer Jail and Bail BBQ gets ready for another successful year

Applications for volunteer “prisoners” are being handed out to local businesses, who than forward the request to a co-worker, bosses or friends to be “arrested” for the day. The volunteer is required to raise a set bail, chosen by their co-workers for their release, for whatever “crimes” were created by the sponsors.

“While in jail, located at the Lakeview Credit Union parking lot, the prisoners will enjoy drinks and pizza provided by Boston Pizza,” the detachment’s press release reads.

For those not behind bars, a hot dog and hamburger BBQ is being set up, courtesy of Mr. Mike’s Casual Steakhouse and Rock Water Energy Services.

All proceeds go directly to the Canadian Cancer Society for Pediatric Research and Camp Good times.

The BBQ is being held August 20th, at the Dawson Creek Lakeview Credit Union, located at  800 – 102 Avenue. 

“The Jail and Bails from previous years have been successes and were a lot of fun for the community,” the release concludes.

Direct donations to the Canadian Cancer Society will also be accepted at the event.