Huskies struggle in season opener against Flyers

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Huskies assistant coach Todd Alexander said after the game that while the score board may not reflect it, the eight goals on the scoreboard were in no way a reflection of the effort between the pipes.

“We’ve got to go back to the drawing board in our own zone. Our goaltender was huge tonight. It doesn’t look like it because of the score but he made a lot of saves in close that this game could have been out of hand a lot more than what it was. They need to help him out a lot more and be more aware in their own zone,’ he stated.

As for what specifically went wrong the team Alexander said the awareness in the defensive zone was not up to par which often gave the Flyers a free man to work with.


“It was too much puck focus. You’re playing a zone defence and you’ve got four guys staring at the puck moving towards it. One guy is standing all by himself on the other team and we didn’t even know he was there. We’re not being aware, not working hard enough, we’re not competing hard enough in our own zone. For the most part I think the effort was there but down low in your own zone you need to compete a lot more than that to help your goalie out,” Alexander explained.

Scoring in order for the Huskies were Thomas Webster, Cayle Bell, Jordan Harder, Thomas Webster, and Cayle Bell. Chipping in with assists were Jordan Harder (2), Cayle Bell (2), Thomas Webster, Marshall Sidwell, Daylen Pearson, and Jarod Lang.

The Huskies next game will be on the road once again on October 4 against Dawson Creek at 8 p.m. Meanwhile the home opener for the team will be on October 17 against the Fairview Flyers at 8 p.m.


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