Internal fire ignites inside Peace Valley OSB

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It’s not known exactly how the fire started, but Fire Chief Fred Burrows says the situation was safely controlled by the internal suppression system, which includes a process of emptying the hazardous material from the dry bin at the side of the building.

“They (employees) got on it right away… there’s a sprinkler system inside and other suppression equipment there that allows them to keep that fire under control,” Burrows said.

Burrows goes on to say while these incidents aren’t as common as they used to be, especially in Peace Valley, this type of fire is typical among plants producing goods with a high-volume of burning.


”It’s just the nature of the business,” Burrows went on to say. “…This is something we deal with, not a regularly as we used to, they’ve (Peace Valley OSB) mastered the process quite well, but older OSB Plants have issues.”

It took a little under two hours for the approximate 15 firefighters to completely extinguish the fire, and Burrows says the extent of damages are minimal, as the bin the fire started in is made of steel, and therefore none of the electrical equipment was damaged as a result.

“I think they just cleaned up the mess and went back to work last night,” Burrows explained.

There are no injuries reported and Burrows says the incident will not be investigated.


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