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Op-ed: “Health care for you and I is not a privilege, it is a right,” writes Concerned Citizens for Health Care Committee


To all the Concerned Citizens,

Day 59 Update: We the concerned citizens for Heath Care committee have been in extensive meetings in a Short Term Advisory Committee, Long Term Advisory Committee and in direct talks with North Health Authority.

Since our open forum of September 17, 2014 we have taken your voice of concern further to those decision makers directly. We have brought forth the issues along with proposals for short term solutions as well as long.

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Are we making progress?

I would say at this time the answer is YES! We have been to the discussion tables with direct concern questions and as of now we are seeing some answers and some progress.  With the assistance of all involved the decision makers are looking into making implementations of solutions regarding an immediate walk in clinic, onsite Hospital Administrator, Physicians & Nurses recruitment and retention plans, affordable housing for Health Care Practioners, the unification of a potential clinic and so forth.

Every one of these issues seem to be the tip of a branch in which the need to identify the root causes and make appropriate changes will be an everyday effort on all of our parts.

We the Concerned Citizens of Health Care Committee have a goal and we stand firm with the belief that every man, woman, and child be provided with immediate access to health care of the highest standard. Health care for you and I is not a privilege, it is a right. No individual should accept a lack of immediate Health Care or access to health care providers.

The Peace River Communities along with Northern Health Authorities now more than ever possess the opportunities to make change to exceed Health Care standards provided elsewhere in the Province or in our beloved country. We believe that it is also crucial at this time for us to continue to cooperate with the decision makers in order to achieve this goal shared by many.

We the Concerned Citizens for Health Care Committee will do everything possible to ensure we continue to contribute corrections, new incentives, and policy and procedure are in place. As well we will do everything possible to assist in bringing forth immediate solutions.

At this time, you the concerned citizens, 4000 plus, have signed petitions and this number is growing every day. We of the Concerned Citizens Committee continue to encourage each and every one of you from all communities that have not signed a petition to do so, send an email of your support and as well your experiences.  Please visit the Facebook Page “Concerned Citizens for Health Care” or email us at [email protected].

In closing, the Health care issues that we face today, those in need of being addressed and rectified will all be hopefully in the past soon.

It is vital that we the concerned citizen now more than ever unite and continue to show support for the change needed. For all of you; every man, woman and child who has experienced illness, pain, suffering or even death due to this health care crisis we would like you to know that we the Concerned Citizen Committee stand stronger than ever to make this right. We will not accept anything less. We have you the people’s rights and health care at heart with no other motive.

Day 59 Concerned Citizen for Health Care update.

Terry Isenbecker

Twila Soule

Bob Fedderly

Lorraine Isenbecker

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