PVLA raising money to offset legal fees in ongoing fight against Site C

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“The lawyers have given us a pretty good ballpark what they think it’s going to cost,” president of the PVLA Ken Boon says. “And that’s to get through both of our cases – the B.C. Supreme Court case and the Federal Court case.”

The PVLA has managed to raise $128,390 out of their $200,000 goal at the time of publication.

“We do have a ways to go, but we’re getting funding from far and wide,” Boon goes on to say. “..People realize this is it. We’re down to the crunch and down to the court case that says basically yes or no. There’s no other Plan Bs after this.”


The PVLA’s next Supreme Court date is April 20, 2015, while the Federal Court case is slated for July.

“That’s another way people can help,” explains Boon. “The more people we can have just sitting in the court room – a presence of supports there is important.”

Follow this link to have a look at their online fundraiser.


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