Value of FSJ construction outweighing natural gas & crown petroleum

That’s even less than the 15 parcels offered last month, which resulted in only six purchases worth less than $1 million in bonus bids.

The $635,000 sale added to the one of $2.2 million in January, leaving the two month total at less than $3 million and raising early concerns about a dismal year.


However, despite the downturn in the oil and gas industry, we have a much healthier business numbers story from City Hall, which has posted back-to-back months of year-over-year increases in the value of construction.

The January total this year was a little over $8.9 million, as opposed to an approximate $5.6 million for the same month last year.

Last month, a total of $5.8 million left the two month total this year just over $14.7 million, opposed to $8.9 million for the first two months of 2014.

It should be noted that the differentials cannot be traced to any significant year-to-date changes in the number of permits, since they’re only up slightly from 31 last year to 33 this year.

However, there is a similar story unfolding when it comes to city revenue from those permits, as the 2015 total is already at $73,875, while for the same two months last year it was only $44,500.

Inquiries yesterday for an explanation from city officials were left unanswered, but moving forward, the month of April could be the one that reverses the trend associated with the year-over-year comparison.

Last year the posted construction value total for April was nearly $19 million and that was more than half the four month total which was just under $35 million.