Council looking to update Noise Bylaw

The bylaw, which was put in place in 1981, and known as the Noise Control Bylaw No. 2261, 1981 is apparently in need of updating. With the proposed changes, it will be known as Noise Regulation Bylaw No. 2261, 2015. This revamped bylaw updates the hours in which noise is prohibited, usually between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m., and has added sections dealing with animals and construction noise.

Section 5d, prohibits a dog owner from allowing or causing “the dog to cry or bark in a manner which disturbs” the peace and quiet, comfort or convenience of the neighbourhood in which the dog is kept. This offence carries a $100 fine.


Section 5e, imposes a $100 fine for any noise or sound made by a “horn, alarm or other warning device and continuing for a period, or periods, totalling 3 minutes or more in any 15 minute period, except in circumstances where deemed necessary as a danger or warning signal.”

Construction noise, under the revamped bylaw, may not be made before 7 a.m., or after 10 p.m., on any day other than Sunday or a statutory holiday. But that same construction noise is prohibited on a Sunday if the contract is “receiving profit or financial compensation for services.”

Exceptions may be made for Sunday or after-hours construction if the contractor gets written permission from the Director of Development and also hand-delivers written notification to property owners within a 100 metre radius, three days before the work begins.

Fines for construction noise violations start at $100, and increase for each subsequent offence, with a second offence receiving a $250 fine, and the third and following offences each subject to a $500 fine.

The City has included exemptions to its proposed Noise Regulation Bylaw. In addition to emergency services, which was set out in the original 1981 bylaw, “municipal or government personnel or contractors carrying out work on behalf of the City or government” are also exempt. This includes people carrying out snow removal, construction, maintenance and repair of public highways, public works, infrastructure, maintenance of parks and other lands.

Also exempt are “the use of bells or chimes announcing public worship services”; and “the operation of a public address or alarm system, required under the Building or Fire Code.”

Anyone who wishes to read the entire bylaw, can do so below, you can also visit the City’s Facebook page and post a comment.

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Posted by City of Fort St. John on Wednesday, May 27, 2015