Fort St. John Fire Department respond to morning gas leak

Just before 8:30 a.m. this morning members with the Fort St. John Fire Department responded to a gas leak in the Garrison Landing area. Fire Chief Fred Burrows said the cause of the leak was from a contractor excavating a hole when he made contact with a gas line, causing it to rupture.

The role of the department according to Burrows is to set up precautionary suppression equipment and isolate the area to protect the public while Pacific Northern Gas locates a shut off valve in the neighbourhood.


There is always the potential for ignition when a gas line has been ruptured Burrows said, as the bigger the gas line is, the more static electricity is built up because of the plastic material. Self ignition through the static is possible. An external source is not required.

Homes that were neighboured to the excavation were evacuated. The situation has since been resolved and department members were on hand for just under an hour and a half.