Local teen receives international recognition

With that, Taylor began the journey she calls 1 Kid Making a Difference. And she has made a difference. Now 13-years-old, Taylor has raised $15,000 to help build 2 schools in Haiti, and is now turning her attention to helping to educate girls in Malawi, by sending them to university.

“Many girls in Malawi become child brides, so they aren’t able to go to university,” said Taylor. Approximately one percent of girls in Malawi continue on with their education, completing high school and going on to university, she added. In addition to their family situations, it is often a lack of money that prevents these girls from continuing their education. This is where Taylor has decided to focus her efforts.


Her fundraising goal for Malawi is $12,000 at the moment, but Taylor says she really wants to just keep fundraising and helping girls get an education until she graduates from high school.

Taylor has been recognised locally for her efforts and dedication, at the Community Awards Gala, and she has now received international recognition. Earlier this week, Taylor took second place, and a $2,500 award, in the international TEDxTeen Next Big Thing Contest, which recognises youth who are making a difference. To enter, Taylor had to submit a one-minute video stating who she is, and what she is doing to make a difference.

When asked what she plans to do with her winnings, Taylor said she’s putting it towards a trip to Haiti, to see the schools she helped build and meet her sponsored child, who is now 12-years-old. “I hope I can go sometime in the next year or two,” she said.