Peter MacKay latest Conservative to quit politics or bow out of running again

OTTAWA — Peter MacKay is the latest high-profile member of the Conservative party to either quit politics or declare that they won’t run again. He’s a look at some of the others.



John Baird: Resigned unexpectedly on Feb. 3, 2015. He entered the cabinet in 2006 and held five cabinet portfolios, finally leaving as minister of foreign affairs. He was considered a mainstay of the Harper government, respected even by opponents.

Shelley Glover: Minister of heritage. She was first elected in 2008. As a career police officer, she was a good fit for the Harper government’s law-and-order agenda. She is also bilingual and of Metis descent. She is leaving politics for family reasons.

Diane Ablonczy: One of the last of the original Reform party MPs first elected in 1993. She says she won’t run again in the fall after winning seven straight elections. She held three junior portfolios during her time in the Commons, but never made the main cabinet table in a caucus heavy with Alberta MPs. But she was an election powerhouse. She never got less than 50 per cent of the vote and took 70.17 per cent in the last election.

Garry Breitkreuz: Another one of the Reform class of ’93, Breitkreuz was for two decades a driving force for the abolition of the long-gun registry. He never made the cabinet cut, but was a deputy whip and a deputy house leader.  He first won his seat in a narrow, three-way race, but improved steadily, regularly winning 60 per cent or more.

Gordon O’Connor: A retired general first elected in 2004, O’Connor was Stephen Harper’s first defence minister. He was moved to national revenue in a 2007 cabinet shuffle and later became chief government whip.

More than a dozen others, mostly backbenchers, have also said they won’t run again.

The Canadian Press