Prince George Fire Centre busy with 37 new fires since Friday

The Prince George Fire Centre has had their hands full since Friday as 37 new fires have started. 32 of those fires were been caused by lightning strikes, the largest one being in the Fort St. John Fire Zone, 150 kilometres north of the city.

The fires are in the process of being assessed and prioritized. The majority of the fires are in remote areas and access by ground is limited. Crews responded to a number of blazes yesterday, and will be doing the same today.


As for the human caused fires, the PGFC is reminding citizens that open fires larger than a half metre by half metre in size are currently prohibited. Anyone found to be in violation may be issued a $345 ticket, or fined up to $100,000 if convicted in court and ordered to pay the fire fighting costs and other associated costs.

As for the fire near Prophet River, its size is now at 1,967 hectares. Good progress is being made on the west and south sides with heavy equipment.