Progress Energy fined $250,000 for offence under Migratory Birds Convention Act

Progress Energy pleaded guilty two days ago to an offence that they committed under the Migratory Birds Convention Act. The offence goes back to an incident on May 3, 2012, and the company is being forced to pay $250,000.

After an investigation by Environment Canada, it was concluded that migratory birds were killed after being exposed to condensate, which is a form of petroleum liquid hydrocarbon. No deterrents were found in the investigation that would have stopped the access to the above ground holding tank. 17 mallard ducks were eventually discovered dead.


The penalty is broken down as a $5,000 fine, and they will also make a direct payment of $122,500 to the Environmental Damages Fund. The remaining funds will be donated to three charities.

The conviction of Progress also means the company’s name will now be added to the Environmental Offender’s Registry.