School District 60 beginner band classes to move to North Peace Cultural Centre

School District 60 students taking part in next year’s beginner band classes will be taking their learning to a new location. Starting in September all of the beginner band day classes will be held on stage at the North Peace Cultural Centre.

The program is put together by band coordinator Sandra Gunn. The students will be learning about all aspects of performance, while learning how to play instruments as taught by David Price and Sabrina Brooks. Students will also get to know the staff at the cultural centre.


Grade six students are eligible to take part, and there are 120 spots in the program. As of yesterday half of those spots have been filled.

The learning opportunities go beyond the sixth grade for students. Recently seniors in the district came back from a music trip to Cuba, and plans are currently in the works for grade eight and nine students to go to Ottawa to compete in the Music Fest Canada.

If interested, you can access the required form by clicking here.