Added runs in the works at Big Bam Ski Hill

It may be the end of June but that doesn’t mean members of the Big Bam Ski Hill are taking it easy. Improvements are being made leading up to the winter season, including the addition of a few new runs.

Director Jody Mather said the runs will test all skill levels and have always been on site but haven’t been accessible in the past.


“The runs have been cut in now. They’re from the very top of the mountain to the bottom. There’s three runs and start with beginner through extreme levels. It’s exciting, they are wide open and ready to go.

We didn’t really add runs. We’ve always had these runs but they were totally grown in. They weren’t accessible in prior years. What we’ve done is open up the three runs, plus one new one,” he said.

As for the chairlift coming to the hill, it’s currently being taken down in Drumheller. The B.C. Safety Authority is on site to determine what needs to be changed on the lift before it’s brought to Big Bam.

It’s anticipated the lift will arrive August long weekend, however it will not be in use for the upcoming year as construction would run into the ski season.