All star game a fun experience for Wheatbelt’s best players

The field may have been rather wet on Saturday but that didn’t stop teams with the Wheatbelt Baseball League from taking part in their skills competition and all star game from the college diamonds.

Ryan Stickel of the Fort St. John Black Sox said it’s a good experience being able to get together with some of the league’s best in a format that’s a bit more laid back than standard regular season games.


“The all star game has been a lot of fun,” he said. “It’s a nice sized league with six teams and it’s always fun to get together with something like this and meet other guys and mix it up. Everybody’s competitive and driven and everybody likes baseball so everybody gets along pretty good every time we get together and do this.”

League commissioner Dave Allan also took in the day’s festivities. He said even though the league is small, players and locals enjoy coming out to see the best that the league has to offer.

“The guys really enjoy it,” he said. “I know the fans that come out like to come and see some local baseball. It’s well played. The guys play well and there’s not a lot of mistakes out there. They like coming out for an all star game and having a skills contest and having a little fun rather than playing the seriousness of the games”

In the skills contest Ray Martens won the pitching contest by displaying the best accuracy, Marc Krauss had the fastest time running the bases, and Ryan Stickel won the home run derby.

As for the all star game itself, Team Bucknell defeated Team Stickel 5-2.

Sunday the Sox also took part in games against Grande Prairie and Grimshaw. Fort St. John dropped the first game against the Brewers but earned themselves a split after a 9-6 victory over the Huskies. Friday’s game that was postponed against Rycroft will take place on July 9 or 10 at the college diamonds.