Campers asked to use caution this weekend to prevent forest fires

Anyone planning to go camping or spend time in the backcountry this weekend or on the Canada Day holiday must comply with provincial regulations regarding campfire restrictions and safety.

Warm and dry weather conditions are expected to continue in many parts of the province, so open burning prohibitions or campfire bans could be implemented or expanded on short notice to help prevent human-caused wildfires and protect public safety. Local governments could have their own burning restrictions in place, so always check with authorities in
your area before lighting a fire of any size.


So far this season, the Wildfire Management Branch has responded to over 530 wildfires, over half of which were caused by people. Human-caused fires are preventable and tie up firefighting resources that could be used to deal with naturally occurring wildfires. Given the forecasted weather conditions, it is crucial for British Columbians and visitors to
remain vigilant and prevent wildfires. Any fires that break out should be reported to the Wildfire Management Branch as quickly as possible.

Detailed information about current burning restrictions is available on the Wildfire Management Branch website at:

Anyone operating motorized vehicles in the backcountry must also exercise caution, since the heat from an exhaust pipe – particularly in tall, dry grass – could ignite a wildfire.