Darlene Thomas receives BC Ambulance award at Hero’s Dinner

Darlene Thomas was recognized at the Hero's Dinner by Darrel Key of BC Ambulance, Prince George-Peace River MP Bob Zimmer, and Mayor of Fort St. John Lori Ackerman.

April 9, 2012 is a date that Darlene Thomas will likely always remember. It was on that day when the triple amputee Wal-Mart greeter who uses a wheelchair saved the life of a man in his fourties by performing CPR after he went into cardiac arrest.

Having trained as a paramedic and a nurse, Thomas got out of her wheelchair and performed CPR for quite some time, resuscitating the man.


While a few years have passed since that day, Thomas was recognized over the weekend at the Hero’s Dinner for her heroic act. She was the recipient of an award from BC Ambulance for her actions on that day.

City Council member Dan Davies was in attendance and said Thomas was obviously very well deserving of the recognition.

“She received a B.C. Ambulance award for saving someone’s life,” he explained. “It was a very fitting opportunity at the Hero’s Dinner to present the award with our Member of Parliament and Mayor present. We took that opportunity to present the award. That is one of the big reasons why we have this annual dinner is to recognize not only people that save people’s lives but other people that make a difference in our community whether that’s volunteering, first responding, or serving the military in some way. It’s a fantastic dinner that recognizes people that do these things.”