Environmental review of Pacific NorthWest LNG proposal hits another snag

The environmental review of the Pacific NorthWest LNG terminal has hit another delay, a Prince Rupert newspaper is reporting.

A report today from The Northern View says the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency has put its review of the project on hold, writing on the project’s website that it needs more information from the company regarding the terminal’s impact regarding sediment transport and hydrodynamic changes, and the effects both would have on fish and fish habitat along the Flora Bank.


The agency made the request in February of this year. The company responded by undertaking a 3D modelling study to investigate sediment movements along a five-year period, as well as in the conditions of a 20 and 50-year storm event. That study suggested there would be little impact and changes in erosion along the bank.

The agency, however, said more information is still needed for its assessment, the newspaper reported. Specifically, the agency says it needs more information regarding the project’s impact on Aboriginal fisheries, marine marine mammals, and dredged material disposal, the newspaper reported.

The Pacific NorthWest LNG terminal would liquefy natural gas from northeast BC for export. The terminal is and is proposed for Lelu Island within the District of Port Edward.

The project has already received an environmental certificate from the BC government. The federal review has been underway since April 2013, with a decision on the project expected later this year.

To read the full report from The Northern View, click here.