Glory featherweight champion Varga provides kickboxing seminars

Glory featherweight kickboxing champion Gabriel Varga was in Fort St. John yesterday at Fivestar Athletics giving training pointers to children and adults.

Varga said that whether he’s training someone who is novice in their skill level, or more experienced, he believes there are different, productive ways to help anyone hone their craft.

“I have guys that come in who have been training for months, and then some of the best guys in town who may have more fights with me, but you can still offer them something,” he explained. “If it’s somebody who’s brand new I focus on correcting errors in technique. If it’s someone that’s more advanced they don’t need that, but I can still come in and give them insight on what I’ve done to achieve this level and show them different ways of doing things.”

He added that the key in working with children is to keep things entertaining, as well as educational and to avoid any injuries that may come from contact to the head.

“The adults you have the option of sparring, but with the kids you want it to be fun,” Varga said. “It’s important to keep kids safe. You can’t have them sparring hard and getting concussions. With them it’s about having fun and teaching them basic techniques.”

In his career Varga has a record of 28-2. He defeated Mosab Amrani back on April 3 to become the Glory featherweight champion.