Government introduces new law to stop people from hogging the left lane

As of earlier this week, drivers will now need a good reason to travel in the left lane on high-speed, multi-lane highways throughout the province of British Columbia.

New regulations have come into effect that will clarify rules regarding travelling in the left lane. Drivers on multi-lane highways where the speed is more than 80 kilometres per hour must stay to the right unless they are:

  • Overtaking and passing another vehicle.
  • Moving left to allow traffic to merge.
  • Preparing for a left hand turn.
  • Moving left to pass an official vehicle displaying a flashing light.

During periods of congestion, the actual travel speed drops to 50 kilometres per hour or less, drivers are encouraged to use the left-most lane to keep traffic flowing. Police can ticket drivers who should not be travelling in the left-most lane. The fine is $167, with three driver penalty points.

In addition, new laws will allow the ministry to define winter tires, studded tires and traction devices such as chains in regulation.

Another change will permit local governments to permit motorcycle parking within six metres of intersections with stop signs or signals, as long as drivers’ views are not impeded. This will allow more efficient use of space that is not large enough for a car.