HarperPAC inspired by American efforts: former electoral officer

OTTAWA — A former chief electoral officer says Canada’s newest third-party political organization was clearly inspired by the big-money political action committees south of the border.

Jean-Pierre Kingsley calls it insulting to Canadian intelligence to suggest the group, known as HarperPAC, was not U.S.-inspired.


HarperPAC spokesman Stephen Taylor says the group is trying to establish a Conservative counterpoint to similar organizations that have mobilized on the left at both the provincial and federal level.

Taylor denies HarperPAC, which recently launched a radio ad targeting Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, was inspired by American political action committees.

The Liberals, however, aren’t the only ones who will find themselves in its sights.

 The federal New Democrats are using HarperPAC as the basis for a fundraising campaign of their own, calling on would-be donors to cough up $5 or more to counter the efforts of Taylor’s group.

The Canadian Press