Local group paying it forward today, encouraging people to do the same

Today is Pay It Forward Day in Fort St. John. The Association for Community Living will be committing random acts of kindness throughout the city, dropping off flowers, baked goodies, candy and more to unsuspecting residents and businesses.

It’s a most dreary Friday, but a local organization is looking to brighten that up by paying it forward to people and businesses around the community, and it’s encouraging residents to do the same.

The Fort St John Association for Community Living is marking Pay It Forward Day today, and its 60-some employees plan to drop of flowers, candy, baked goodies and more to unsuspecting folks at random throughout the day.

“We wanted to thank the community for all the the wonderful things they do for us,” said executive director Cindy Mohr.

“It’s a nice thing to spread positivity.”

The organization began marking the occasion in 2009.

Mohr hopes there will be a snowball effect, with residents paying it forward to a stranger in some way today, or throughout the weekend.

“In the past few years… we hear of things happening afterwards, I know sometimes you hear of people in the coffee line paying for someone else,” says Mohr.

“But even just holding a door open for someone, just help somebody.”