Pair found guilty of murder conspiracy, terror bomb plot at B.C. legislature

VANCOUVER — A British Columbia couple has been found guilty by a jury of plotting to set off handmade pressure-cooker bombs at the provincial legislature two years ago.

The panel convicted John Nuttall and Amanda Korody of conspiracy to commit murder and possession of an explosive substance on behalf of a terrorist group.


In an unusual twist, the conviction won’t be entered until next week, after the defence has a chance to argue that police entrapped the couple into the plot during an elaborate sting operation.

The jury began deliberating behind closed doors on Sunday morning after hearing more than four months of testimony.

Jurors watched countless hours of video evidence collected as part of a lengthy RCMP sting that involved undercover officers with supposed terrorist connections befriending the pair.

Video and audio surveillance showed the pair, who were recent converts to Islam, discussing their ambitions to engage in holy war against the western world for perceived injustices against Muslims.



Geordon Omand, The Canadian Press