PM Harper announces more funding for Canada’s spy agency

TORONTO — The federal government is giving more money to Canada’s spy agency.

The plan calls for $137 million over five years for the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service and $41 million a year afterward.


Prime Minister Stephen Harper says it’s all part of an attempt to beef up public safety.

The prime minister also announced today that the Canada Revenue Agency will devote more resources — about $10 million over five years — to combat terror financing.

In addition, the government is also extending biometric screening to all travellers who need visas to enter the country.

The procedure is already required for travellers from about two dozen countries — including Afghanistan, Syria and Egypt — but it would now apply to visitors from almost 150 others.

The measure will cost $313 million over five years.

“I am proud to announce today these significant resources to ensure that those who work so diligently to keep us safe have the tools necessary to do so,” Harper said as he made the announcement in Toronto.

The Canadian Press