Quebec tables state neutrality bill that would ban face coverings

QUEBEC — The Quebec government is moving to ban face coverings for anyone seeking or receiving government services. 

The proposed ban is contained in the Liberal’s long-awaited bill on state neutrality, the government’s response to the Parti Quebecois’ ill-fated charter of values.


Under the bill, the niqab or burka would be banned for those using government institutions and those who work for the public service.

The PQ went further, calling for state secularism and seeking to ban the wearing of religious symbols for provincial employees.

But the Couillard government recommended another approach by only prohibiting the full veil.

The Liberal government’s Bill 62 speaks of “neutrality” and doesn’t seek to promote or oppose anyone according to their religious beliefs.

The bill was tabled by Justice Minister Stephanie Vallee today in Quebec City.


The Canadian Press