SD60 looking to pinch pennies as balanced budget deadline looms

As the end of the month deadline draws near for completion of mandatory balanced 2015-16 school year budgets, schools districts across the province continue to wrestle with tough cost pressures resulting from provincial funding cutbacks.

In the next couple of years, the government is chopping more than $50 million to school boards across BC, and locally, School District 60 Superintendent Dave Sloan has put the “funding pinch” at about $340,000.


He says meetings continue as we speak, and it is expected the issue will top the agenda at the next Board of Trustees meeting on the June 15.

“At this time, we’re reviewing all discretionary budgets,” said Sloan.

Mr. Sloan noted the district has been a “very financially conservative” one, but that it still needs to take into account that continues to grow in student size and is already facing a space crunch for classes.

Uncertainty associated with enrolment projections—which to a large extend are tied to state of area’s overall economy—are a key factor in the budget pruning process.