Senators under spending scrutiny lash out at MPs as AG’s audit looms large

OTTAWA — Senators forced to account for spending on postage stamps and paper clips say MPs should invite the auditor general to scrutinize their expenses too.

The senators are bracing for an avalanche of criticism — much of it from MPs — when the findings of an unprecedented, two-year comprehensive audit of their expenses are tabled next Tuesday.


Auditor general Michael Ferguson is expected to deliver copies of his final report to the Senate leadership — Speaker Leo Housakos, government leader Claude Carignan and Liberal leader James Cowan — today.

Ironically, sources familiar with the report’s contents tell The Canadian Press all three Senate leaders are among 21 Ferguson has concluded made ineligible expense claims.

Spending by another nine senators has been deemed egregious enough to warrant investigation by the RCMP.

Some senators say MPs have no right to judge the Senate when they’re not willing to open their own books to the same degree of scrutiny.

The Canadian Press