Weekend rain pushes June numbers back on track

Although still well removed from the local airport weather office record amount of 80.3 millimeters set on June 27 1965, this is the 61st anniversary of one of the largest one-day precipitation totals in this area.

It was on this day in 1954 that the station posted 55.6 millimeters of rain, just 10 millimeters less than Environment Canada’s official average amount for the full month of June.


Nothing like that amount is anticipated today, but the airport station, with 20 millimeters last Friday the main reason, is now back on pace to equal the monthly average of 65.6 mm.

It recorded 33.2 millimeters through the first half of the month ending a midnight this morning, and is now also ahead of last year’s pace.

The 2014 total for the first 15 days of June was only 23.4 mm, and the station finished the month with a total well below the monthly norm at 37.2 mm.

There is now only one week left in what has been for many in BC a mild spring, and among the beneficiaries has been the BC Restaurant and Food Services Association.

President Ian Tostenson says Stats Canada shows sales in March jumped six per cent over the same month last year, even though nationally they inched up only point two per cent between February and March, with only five provinces registering any increase at all.

“We’re seeing a lot of tourism increases in Vancouver and Vancouver Island, which is helping immensely, coupled with good weather,” Tostenson said.

“The weather has just been incredible.”

That incredible beverage drinking weather included Fort St. John’s, with the airport station posting double digit highs on six different days –including 13.3 C on March 13….and only five below zero highs, with the coldest being -7.7 C on the third.

The average high for the month was 4.8 C, nearly 10 degrees warmer than the March average of -4.6 C.