June kickstarts hot and dry summer in Fort St. John

The final numbers weren’t shockingly out of line with the monthly averages, but June was hotter and drier than normal in this area.

With record high readings on three of the final four days of the month, the mean temperature was posted as 14.9 C, with the daily average for June listed by Environment Canada at 14.1 C.


This year there were nineteen days in June with highs of 20 C or better — including nine of the last ten — and nine of the first ten.

The record daily high for the month, established on June 17 in 1969, remained in place at 31.7 C, but not by much, as Monday’s June 29 record was 30.5 C, one of at least 73 record temperatures recorded province-wide in the past three days.

It was a much different story when it came to precipitation as the airport weather station finished the month with a post of 43.3 three millimeters.

While that was three to four times as much as some areas of the province, it was 22.3 mm less than the June norm in this area.

Nearly half the total this year at the airport station was recorded on June 12 with 20 mm, but that wasn’t even close to the one-day June record.

In fact, Environment Canada statistics show last Saturday was the 50th anniversary of the greatest ever one day rainfall in this area — 80.3 millimeters on June 27 in 1965 — nearly double what was received this year for the entire month and it brings this story back to the present.

As the province-wide heat wave continues, threatening today’s local weather station 2006 record of 31.4 C, so do the province-wide concerns, about drought and forest fires.

We note again effective today Category two and three open fires are prohibited in the Prince George Fire Centre, which includes the entire Peace Region

Specifically, that includes the burning of stubble or grass, any fire larger than a campfire, fireworks and firecrackers, and burn barrels. But, Wildfire Service prohibitions do not apply within the boundaries of the city.

It’s also worth noting that penalties for those found in contravention of an open burning prohibition can run from a fine of $345 to, if convicted in court, a fine of up to $100,000 and/or one year in jail.