Killbillies close out season with loss to Quesnel

The season for the Fort St. John Killbillies came to an end on Friday, and unfortunately for the squad they weren’t able to close out the year with a win. The team lost 155-88 with a limited roster but coach Ashley Large wasn’t ready to use that as an excuse.

“We didn’t play as strong as a team as we have in the previous couple of games,” he said. “We went in short benched but we knew we were short benched. Our jammers Hells Bells and Sparky did amazing for two jammers for a full game. They did phenomenal but it was tough for our whole team to make up the energy that would have been needed to keep on top of the other team.”


The team ran into penalty issues which further compounded matters leaving the Killbillies even more shorthanded than they already were.

“We had a few penalty problems which sometimes happens, and unfortunately it wasn’t even our newer skaters it was some of our experienced girls that ran into penalty problems,” Large stated. “It happens. It comes and goes in games. We had two people ejected for penalties and one on the ropes. When you start with ten and you lose two you’re down to eight, and you have one that can’t play too much because one more penalty and she would have been out so that proposed some challenges.”

Overall the Killbillies ended the year with a .500 record at 3-3.