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It’s only 160 square feet, but for Katie Wintersgill and David Fehr that’s plenty enough.

The Fort St. John couple recently returned from a 12-day road trip to Oregon and back, with their new tiny home in tow.

The couple plans to move into the home later this year as they continue on the path of a more simplistic living.

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“It’s about being more sensible about your options,” said Wintersgill, 23.

“I think a lot of people dive into these half million dollar homes because they can’t grasp the concept of how much a half million dollars is… and the interest you’re paying.”

The couple saved up for two years and paid $49,000 for the home, custom built by Albany-based Tiny Smart House. It features custom countertops, a Japanese bathtub and a loft bedroom.

The couple — Wintersgill a cook, and Fehr a mechanic — already own a mobile home in town, but realized early on in their relationship they didn’t want to be straddled with a debt load that straddled them to their jobs.

Sky high rents in Fort St. John means home ownership is a far off dream for many who can barely save money.

So, they bought their tiny house, built on a trailer and complete with wheels for them to take it and park it wherever they please.

They say the house can connect easily to any RV campsite, and city services.


“We’re the kind of people, weekends we’re gone,” Wintersgill said.

“We’re camping. We’re not anywhere that isn’t nature.”

Wintersgill and Fehr do plan to move south one day, but aren’t exactly sure when or if they’ll be buying a plot of land.

The home is being stored right now on a rural property just outside of the city.

“If we do end up buying a property that we have to pay off, that’s the choice we made at the time,” Wintersgill said.


Fehr said they gave 38 tours to strangers who approached them as they drove the house up the highway.

“A lot of the people we ran into, especially down south, totally understood the concept,” said Fehr, 28.

Wintersgill and Fehr recently gave Energetic City a tour of the house. Click on the photos above to check it out.

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