Lussier looking forward to Fivestar welterweight title fight

Travis Lussier after his first win at welterweight last weekend.

Fivestar Athletics’ Travis Lussier was in Vancouver this past weekend competing at Battlefield Fight League 37. The Fort St. John resident, and Fivestar amateur middleweight champion was victorious in his first bout at welterweight, and will now be turning his attention to a Fivestar championship fight at the welterweight level in October.

“That’s a huge honour all in itself,” Lussier said. “I fought Derek Apps and when I got the win on that one he [Fivestar owner Justin Donally] gave me a title shot for the middleweight. I vacated that belt just so step down to the welterweight division to fight at a weight that I was more comfortable at.


Justin is very professional that way. It doesn’t matter if it’s his guy or somebody else, nobody gets a title shot off of a loss. It was a tricky situation to take this fight in the BFL if I lost then I wasn’t going to get a welterweight title shot this fall.”

Lussier has a lot of experience competing in different weight classes. When he first entered MMA he was flirting with 300 pounds but training has gotten him into shape where welterweights fight at a weight between 155 pounds and 170 pounds.

“The whole point is to get to a weight that you’re comfortable at while still being able to maintain your strengths, help with your speed and stuff like that,” he said. “I’m coming down from 300 pounds so I still haven’t found where I’m sitting at. I’ll just keep driving to the point where I’m comfortable at a weight and I’ll fight there.”

Lussier’s record now sits at 4-0.