Active eagle nests to be monitored, protected by Hydro during Site C construction

A photo of early construction at the Site C project.

After a release put out by the Peace Valley Landowner Association yesterday stated BC Hydro was in the process of removing trees with bald eagle nests along the Peace River as part of the construction process of Site C, Hydro has responded saying that is not the case. According to the Site C official website, Hydro and contractors will have a “no clearing buffer” around trees with active nests and the buffer will stay in place as long as necessary.

Nests will be moved only in situations where they become inactive, and will be done through consultation with qualified professionals in accordance with permits under the Wildlife Act.


On top of those precautions Hydro is installing 38 artificial nesting platforms during the construction period.

Nests will be monitored not only throughout the entire construction process but in the first 10 years of the operation of the dam as well.