Charlie Lake Fire Department celebrates new grads of NFPA 1001 Program

As of Thursday night, The Charlie Lake Fire Department has 13 newly qualified firefighters who have completed the requirements of the NPFA 1001 program at level 1 & 2.

The fire department also celebrated 35 years of service in the community, with cake, refreshments and a slideshow.

“Hundreds of people have volunteered thousand of hours of time to protect the people and property in the Charlie Lake Fire protection area, under the direction of the previous four fire chiefs before myself.” said current Fire Chief Terry Truchan.

In the departments history, Truchan follows four other chiefs:

  • Wayne Badry, who served from 1980 to 2006,
  • Allan Pinkerton from 2006 to 2012,
  • Steven Munshaw – who served for a few months in 2012,
  • and Stuart Larson, who was the chief fromĀ 2012 until Truchan’s inauguration in 2015.

“What we’re celebrating this evening is nothing less than remarkable,” Fort St. John mayor Lori Ackerman told the fire department.

“There are a lot of people who can sleep at night knowing that you have been there for them, and that you have taken your time away from your family to train.”

She finished by thanking the firefighters for the hours they put into training, and thanking their families for allowing them to do so.