Fort St. John delays curbside recycling program

Fort St. John City Hall. File photo.

Fort St. John’s plan to go ahead with curbside recycling has been delayed into the fall.

The city had originally planned to launch the program in September but due to negotiations slowing down with other parties involved the process has been delayed.


“We want to be able to pick up recycling from people’s doorsteps,” Julie Rogers, Communications Coordinator for Fort St. John said. “But after it’s been picked up we actually have to do something with it.”

“That’s when it gets involved with the other bodies because the regional district is responsible for that,” Rogers added.

Rogers said that the process has become a little bit more complicated than the city had hoped but they plan to launch the program in late October or early November.

As for the recycling bins themselves, they’ve been ordered by the city but they will take a few weeks to be delivered.