Gas prices jump 10 cents a litre in Fort St. John

The current posted price of the Petro Canada on 100 Street.

Retail gasoline prices are on the rise again in Fort St. John and it has nothing to do with the price of crude oil.

It has fallen again more than a dollar a barrel and early this morning was sitting at $42.20 cents US.


However, the local posted price for regular gasoline was up by as much as ten cents a litre, and sitting at a 138.9 at the cities two Petro Canada outlets.

The post at the Chevron station on 108th street was also up, but not as much, to a 132.9.

The other outlets which were part of a nine station early morning monitor were still at a 128.9.

The top end PetroCan price was 12 cents higher than the provincial average at a 126.7, and 22 cents higher than the national average at a 116.7.