Hydro releases first two weeks of construction plans for Site C

B.C. Hydro has now confirmed that construction is underway on the Site C project and provided a list of activities planned for the next two weeks.  In an email late Friday, Hydro says site preparation activities have started and include installing gates, fencing and signage.

They also now have security on site and initial clearing activities on the north bank are underway.


Here is the construction schedule for next week (the week of August 4):

  • Clearing and vegetation removal will continue on the north bank of the dam site to create space for access roads and a material disposal area.
  • The worker accommodation contractor is mobilizing equipment to site and will begin clearing and grading the worker accommodation area.
  • Selective clearing will be starting on the south bank of the dam site at the location of a future material source area and around access roads.

During the week of August 10, the following activities are scheduled:

  • The North Bank Site Preparation contractor will mobilize to site and begin work on the north bank of the dam site. This will include activity within Wuthrich Quarry.
  • The worker accommodation contractor will continue clearing and grading the worker camp area.
  • Selective clearing will continue on the north and south bank of the dam site. Timber will be transported off-site using public roads.

While construction is underway, Hydro says local residents can an increase in logging truck activity in the area of the dam site.