Precipitation levels still well below norm despite weekend weather

It wasn’t an August 3rd record, but the local airport weather station finished the holiday weekend on Monday, unofficially recording its highest daily precipitation total in more than two years.

The post was 25 millimetres and an initial check this morning of Environment Canada records shows, the last time the station recorded more than 20, was on July 20th of 2013, when the total was 29.1.


That in turn was part, of a monthly total of 95.4, but it has been so dry this year, that if yesterday’s rain led to the same total this month, it would still not get this area back to its local summertime norm.

The three month local average beginning in June is 192 millimetres, and the June/July total this year was only 69.1.

So through yesterday we stand at 94, and the airport station would need to post another 98 millimetres, during the rest of the month, in order to match the three month average.

Still yesterday’s rain was welcome relief for farmers and ranchers, and the airport station is now ahead of last year’s precipitation pace, and has already recorded more than eight times what it did, in August of last year.

Recall while the 2014 June/July total was 76.4 millimetres, August was a record dry month, with only three, and that left the three month total, at 79.4, or nearly 15 less than what has already been posted this year.

It’s still not clear how widespread yesterday’s rainfall was throughout the local area, and for that reason too early to speculate, on its crop recovery impact.