Return of Senior Canucks brings NPHL membership up to seven

North Peace Hockey League Logo. Photo Courtesy of the NPHL website.

After a number of teams bowed out prior to the start of last year’s North Peace Hockey League season, the league is getting one of those teams back. The Dawson Creek Senior Canucks will again join the fold bringing the league membership up to seven.

President of the Fort St. John Senior Flyers Paul van Nostrand welcomed the news, stating both the league and the Flyers stand to benefit by the return of the club.


“I certainly think it strengthens the league. It will be great for the Fort St. John Flyers as well to rekindle our rivalry with the Canucks. It’s a little closer games than some of the trips we’ve made the last year or so,” he said.

With seven clubs it creates the possibility of an unbalanced league schedule, however from a Flyers perspective it stands to make things easier on the club in terms of travel.

“It will ease our travel somewhat that’s for sure. I’m not sure how the schedule will shake out. It’s very likely it may be an unbalanced schedule, nothing engraved in stone yet but it will certainly cut down on out travel having them on board,” van Nostrand said.

The Senior Canucks enjoyed moderate success in their last NPHL season as they had a .500 record coupled with an exit in the first round of the league playoffs.