Saguaro Resources cooperating with OGC after dead ducks discovered

Saguaro Resources Ltd. out of Alberta is cooperating with a BC Oil and Gas Commission investigation as to how four ducks got into, and passed away in a temporary industrial water holding structure. The incident happened on July 23 at a location approximately 125 kilometres north west of Fort St. John.

An email response from company CEO Stacy Knull stated that the investigation is ongoing, and currently they have not received anything in terms of ramifications relating to the incident. He added before it occurred that there were flagging and rope deterrents at the holding structure, and since that time predator decoys have also been added.

Alan Clay of the BC Oil and Gas Commission said in an email that the Commission has “issued an order requiring the operator to take immediate measures to protect migratory birds” and that Saguaro has been in full compliance.

Under the Migratory Birds Convention Act, the lead agency is Environment Canada. The Commission continues to investigate fluid management at the site.

It’s unknown at this time when a conclusion will be reached in the investigation.